Who knew New Minas could look so good?

Had a wonderful day hanging out with Jess & Joe, who met on a travel adventure years ago. We took some beautiful photos together but my favorite was taken at the end of the night just behind the Civic Centre in New Minas- I never knew my hometown could look so good. Maybe it just needed these two in the landscape!

Jumping on the bed

The best wedding moments are when the couple feels totally spontaneous despite being dressed up.  I loved that Cindy & Scott were up for anything- including jumping around on the bed like a couple of kids after they were married!

Shining Waters Wedding

Amanda and Tyler were the most wonderful couple. Attractive, sweet, and fun- they made our day together at Shining Waters Marina a fantastic one. It’s so beautiful down there, I hadn’t ever been before, and the venue was fantastic for a wedding! Amanda’s sister set up surprise fireworks for her, which was awesome- and then we got to play with sparklers in the boatyard.

An Aussie and a Lunenburg’er

I love it when people find me randomly- which is what happened with Anni & Jamie, who are from Australia and Lunenburg. They met online down under- and decided to get married while passing through Halifax last week. I was the lucky choice from an online search- and I couldn’t have been more delighted to meet them! Anni laughed and giggled during the entire day- I’ve never met a happier person!

Blomidon in Summer

When newcomers visit the Annapolis Valley, there’s only one spot that we locals take them to get a feel for the valley- up to the lookoff, or “Blomidon.” I’m up there all the time, as the view never gets old. Here are two of my favorites from the last day of Summer- early morning sunrise.

Neighbors wedding

My neighbors daughter got married recently and I got to tag along for the day! They are a stunning couple and came with some creative ideas!

Lindsay & Ian

Lindsay has been a really good friend of mine since we met through work a few years back. She is a wonderful, inspiring business consultant and friend and has seen me through a lot of big life decisions! It was an honour and joy to be there for her wedding to Ian, an equally cool and fun guy.

Golf Course wedding

Had a great but almost rainy day with Sarah and Dwayne on their wedding day! They were super easy and relaxed despite the pending fog and drizzle. Sherwood Golf Course in Chester is a wonderful spot for a wedding and we were well cared for!

My best friend’s wedding

No, this isn’t a movie tag.. it really was my best friend’s wedding! And I got to photograph it. Couldn’t have been a more special day for a more special gal.

I love New Brunswick

Every year, I somehow manage to score a New Brunswick wedding. It’s pretty fun to get ‘out of town’ and go somewhere new, and explore a new part of our beautiful country. A few weeks ago I had an awesome wedding experience with Katie , Justin and their fabulous family on the cliffs and beaches of Albert County, New Brunswick.

Cape Breton

So, I had never really “seen” Cape Breton before this summer. I had been to Sydney a few times, and along the way just thought… “Okay, maybe this is what everyone is talking about….?” (no offense, Sydney or surrounding area!) However this summer my bestie and I did a road trip together around the Cabot Trail, and I had my “ohhhh…. NOW I get it!” moment.

Here are some of my favorites. And trust me, there are many, many more. Every corner you turn on the Cabot Trail is usually a “oooh can we pull over for a photo?” moment.

Driving along this road in Judique for the first time.. I said to my friend “look at those cool clouds. You know what would be great to photograph with those cool clouds? A church.” And literally, five seconds later, there it was.

Ingonish Beach in the morning… we were the only people there

Ingonish Beach at Sunrise

The Keltic Lodge, one of my new favorite places to visit in my mind

A little tiny beach off Little River Road… nobody was there but us!!


Margaree in the morning



Spirit and joy!

I can easily say I have never experienced a wedding with so much love, spirit and joy. This was a FUN day to be a part of- despite it being the hottest day I’ve ever photographed!:)R & R were amazing and I’m proud to share these favorite pics!

Golden Peggy

Also a frequent and favorite landscape spot- the famous Peggy’s Cove here in Nova Scotia. This photo has earned me a spot in National Geographic’s e-travel magazine (2012) as well as the Canadian Geographic scenes calendar (2015). It’s also one of my best sellers.

Halls Harbour Purple

Halls Harbour is a great little tourist spot up on the north mountain in the Annapolis Valley. I’ve been up there several times and it’s becoming a favorite spot to photograph, particularly at sunset. Try the lobster!

Aviation wedding

Some old friends of mine asked me to photograph their wedding, where the photos were going to be taken in the Shearwater Aviation Museum. It was a new spot for me and I love the opportunity to be creative in a new place!

Rain in October

A bit late getting around to posting some of these. On the day of A & B’s wedding it POURED. Fortunately they were super creative and up for anything so we still got some great shots- they were wonderful model!


I love the Valley in the fall. Have I mentioned that?:)Did an engagement shoot here on this beautiful property and couldn’t help grab a long shot of the driveway in the process. I’ve been looking for a driveway like this!

Halls Harbour, again

After a family shoot the other night I got to do something I haven’t done in a while- just chase the sunset. As usual I ended up in one of my favorite spots- Halls Harbour.

Melmurby Beach

“The Merb”, as I’m told the locals called it, captured my heart from the first time I saw it. I begged my wonderful friend Ti to take me back at sunset so we could see if it was just as magical as it had been in the morning… and it was.

Gaspereau Valley mist

Landscapes are undoubtedly my best work, and also my favorite thing to shoot. There’s nothing like being completely connected to your environment with no one else’s wishes but yours.

This shot of Gaspereau Valley was taken one morning when I was dropping my dog off at daycare- and I spotted the mist rising off the valley river. I just happened to have my camera with me and asked if I could borrow my friend’s deck- and voila, one of my favorite new shots was born.

Sandy Cove

I went out to this lighthouse half a dozen times in all different types of weather, attempting to get this shot. It’s foggy out there! Finally got it around 7 am on an early October morning. Terrance Bay, NS.

Reservoir Park

Going home in autumn is always a treat. This photo was taken at the reservoir park in Wolfville on an October afternoon. Yes, it is right way up.:)

Indian Harbour

Travel along the road to Peggy’s Cove a little further than expected and you will encounter a wonderful series of little inlets, restaurants and other magical sights. This was taken in Indian Harbour, just behind the Rhubarb Restaurant.

Lawrencetown Beach

This little gem is Lawrencetown beach, at sunset in July. We climbed to the top of a grassy hill to get a better view across the little town. This first shot has ended up being one of my most popular, and personal favorites. Lawrencetown looks different every season, and every time you visit.

Home of my heart

Those who know me well, know that Newfoundland is the home of my ‘heart.’ Whereas Nova Scotia is where I reside. Every chance I get, I hop aboard a plane to St. Johns to visit three of my best friends in the world. Here are some landscapes from a recent visit.

It’s Wedding Season!

Every year around this time I get super excited for what’s to come- a crazy, busy, amazing, creative and wonderful time following couples around on the happiest day of their lives. To get myself inspired I always like to reflect on last year’s weddings- here are my favorite photos from wedding season 2012.

University Hall

This year, for some reason, I had a lot of people asking if I had any photos of Acadia. I have lots of photos taken AT Acadia- in Denton Hall, at the Irving Centre, etc- but I made it my mission this year to collect at least one good one of the campus. This was a perfect winter snowy day, looking at the back of U-Hall- the less seen side.

Winter Blomidon

A few years back, my friend KT hired me to photograph Blomidon- but at sunrise, and in all four seasons. Here is the final installment, winter.

Tors Cove, Newfoundland

This is on a beautiful perfect July afternoon at Tors Cove, which is a good drive outside St. Johns. On the opposite side of this view, there is a little island with sheep roaming around. It’s kind of charming out there.

From the travel vault- Hong Kong Central and Harbour

I was so busy enjoying Hong Kong when I traveled there a while back that I didn’t take too many photos! Just spent some time this afternoon looking back through them to see if there was anything worthwhile- and this one came to my attention. Hong Kong Central to your right, with the Harbour to the left leading to Kowloon.