Grand Pre Wedding

Not doing a whole lot of weddings these days, but this was a special one, as it was the little sister of a dear friend of mine. Turned out to be a really lovely day with a bunch of fun people in Grand Pre!

Golden Peggy

Also a frequent and favorite landscape spot- the famous Peggy’s Cove here in Nova Scotia. This photo has earned me a spot in National Geographic’s e-travel magazine (2012) as well as the Canadian Geographic scenes calendar (2015). It’s also one of my best sellers.

Halls Harbour Purple

Halls Harbour is a great little tourist spot up on the north mountain in the Annapolis Valley. I’ve been up there several times and it’s becoming a favorite spot to photograph, particularly at sunset. Try the lobster!

I love New Brunswick

Every year, I somehow manage to score a New Brunswick wedding. It’s pretty fun to get ‘out of town’ and go somewhere new, and explore a new part of our beautiful country. A few weeks ago I had an awesome wedding experience with Katie , Justin and their fabulous family on the cliffs and beaches of Albert County, New Brunswick.

Jumping on the bed

The best wedding moments are when the couple feels totally spontaneous despite being dressed up.  I loved that Cindy & Scott were up for anything- including jumping around on the bed like a couple of kids after they were married!

Shining Waters Wedding

Amanda and Tyler were the most wonderful couple. Attractive, sweet, and fun- they made our day together at Shining Waters Marina a fantastic one. It’s so beautiful down there, I hadn’t ever been before, and the venue was fantastic for a wedding! Amanda’s sister set up surprise fireworks for her, which was awesome- and then we got to play with sparklers in the boatyard.

Zombie Apocolypse vows!

Things I never thought I’d hear at a wedding ceremony- “And do you promise to protect me during the Zombie Apocalypse?” “Why yes, yes I do!”
I absolutely loved the creativity and fun that went into this wedding- from the neon green shoes to the zombie references to a locomotion train lead by the bride’s military dad, these guys knew how to have a good. time.

Nova Scotia Beaches

Since it’s currently frigid old January, it might be nice to re-visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Nova Scotia… when they were warmer! Here is a collection of beach photos from around our beautiful province.

Rissers Beach

Jimtown Beach, Antigonish

Five Island Beach at Sunset

Carters Beach (Port Mouton)

Halls Harbour

Crystal Crescent

Lawrencetown beach

Indian Harbour Beach


Melmurby Beach (Pictou County)

Halls Harbour Purple


Little River Road Beach, Cape Breton

Ingonish Beach with Keltic Lodge

Five Islands Provincial Park Beach

Aviation wedding

Some old friends of mine asked me to photograph their wedding, where the photos were going to be taken in the Shearwater Aviation Museum. It was a new spot for me and I love the opportunity to be creative in a new place!

Rain in October

A bit late getting around to posting some of these. On the day of A & B’s wedding it POURED. Fortunately they were super creative and up for anything so we still got some great shots- they were wonderful model!

Lindsay & Ian

Lindsay has been a really good friend of mine since we met through work a few years back. She is a wonderful, inspiring business consultant and friend and has seen me through a lot of big life decisions! It was an honour and joy to be there for her wedding to Ian, an equally cool and fun guy.

Go West

This past October I had the opportunity to go “out west” to Edmonton, to visit my dear friend Emily. Emily is a Nova Scotia girl who has made Edmonton her home. In addition to being an amazing chef and generous host, Emily is a fantastic tour guide. We drove all over Edmonton, out to Elk Island National Park, and up to Jasper to explore the mountains. I was blown away by the scenery!! Here are a few favorites from the trip.

Hay bales in a prairie field 

Medicine Lake at Sunrise

Overlander Lodge Swing Set

Athabasca River with white water raft

Waterfall behind trees at Athabasca

Boats at Talbot Lake

Fork in the winter road

Athabasca River Waterfall with Mountain

An Aussie and a Lunenburg’er

I love it when people find me randomly- which is what happened with Anni & Jamie, who are from Australia and Lunenburg. They met online down under- and decided to get married while passing through Halifax last week. I was the lucky choice from an online search- and I couldn’t have been more delighted to meet them! Anni laughed and giggled during the entire day- I’ve never met a happier person!


I love the Valley in the fall. Have I mentioned that?:)Did an engagement shoot here on this beautiful property and couldn’t help grab a long shot of the driveway in the process. I’ve been looking for a driveway like this!

Neighbors wedding

My neighbors daughter got married recently and I got to tag along for the day! They are a stunning couple and came with some creative ideas!

Just the kind of wedding day you wish for


Paola and Ryan were one of those wedding couples that every photographer dreams about having. Beautiful, funny, classy and well organized!

I can’t resist a good shot of the shoes. Every wedding I’ve been to, the bride always has the most fun, colourful or wild ideas about footwear and this bride was no exception!

Success! We did lose the garter so they had to improvise but it worked in a pinch!

Good actors too!

First entrance into the hall.

E & E

My first Jewish wedding was an incredible experience. It was probably the most joyful wedding I’ve ever photographed. Erica is a total goddess, everything about her was classy elegance and I really enjoyed getting to know she and her new hubby Elisha.

On the dykes before the ceremony.
The boys.
This is my favorite moment from the entire day. After the ceremony, the bride and groom go into seclusion for a few minutes. When they return, they are welcomed by a joyful, noisy, party-filled crowd- ready to dance and celebrate with them. This is the groom and his father, who grabbed each other and danced their happy hearts out.
First time up in the horah- wow!
Sneaking away for a sunset moment.

Rissers Campground

Having never been to the famous Rissers Beach and Campground on the south shore of Nova Scotia, I was excited for a weekend getaway. Getting to sleep beside the ocean, and waking up to walk the endless beach and boardwalk was just the ticket for late September as summer turns to fall.

The best models

These girls have become some of my favorite models to work with. They’re dancers, and they say yes to anything I suggest. They all have pretty bright futures in whatever they choose to do-  but I hope they stick with dancing.

A year and a baby

So apparently I don’t update my website often enough… it was only a short time ago I posted some wedding photos with Tim & Julia. Now, they’ve celebrated their first anniversary and we did some photos today… with their new baby!

Red haired gentlemen

Have been spending time doing photos with this family as a yearly event. The boys are always so polite and well behaved, despite being asked to pose and jump and do ridiculous things. They liked this more ‘serious’ look.

Growing up fast

I’ve been photographing this guy since before he was born. Every year he gets more fun, and more grown up!



Have been out doing a bit of landscape / stock photo chasing and discovered a really great spot by the Fairview Terminal / Africville in Halifax. Spent some time photographing the many trains that come and go in that spot.



Oh, Keji. So popular, but really not overrated. I was tricked into a backwoods camping trip and a few evening light photos made the hours-long canoe ride worth it.

Hubley, Nova Scotia

It was about as cold as it looked on this beautiful morning- and I nearly broke my leg climbing down the hill to get closer to the water!


As we approach fall, I have begun to dig back through some old files and spruce them up a bit. For no good reason, apart from sometimes a few years away from a photo can make it look very different!! Here are two I thought were kind of ‘meh’… but have grown on me since then.


Went back woods camping last weekend, and was pretty much a kid in a candy store out there in the back of beyond. There was a meteor shower that night- and I was out on the water while it was happening, so no meteor photos…. however here are a few others I captured from around the campsite.

Melmurby Beach

“The Merb”, as I’m told the locals called it, captured my heart from the first time I saw it. I begged my wonderful friend Ti to take me back at sunset so we could see if it was just as magical as it had been in the morning… and it was.

Love in Lunenburg

We all love our little province. And we’re very proud to show it off. So it was especially neat when Andrea & Brad, from Whitby Ontario, chose Lunenburg, NS as their wedding destination, simply because they love it here. I was even more lucky that they chose me, of all the photographers here, to join them on their special day. What I loved about this wedding was that it was completely relaxed and just full of love. The couple and their family were all so thrilled to be here, and to be together.

Meredith & Matt

I don’t even know how to begun gushing about this couple. I have totally fallen in love with them. I’ve known Meredith’s family since she was very small- and I was thrilled when I was asked to be her wedding photographer. However when she got out of the car at the beach for our engagement shoot last summer, I was totally stunned- she had grown into a stunning, amazingly beautiful young woman! Her fiancee Matt is a darling, and I’ve been looking forward to their big day all year. It was HOT as the hinges of hell on that day in July- and we all sweated together at the Port Williams Church, and then over to the Fox Hill Cheese house.