Golf at the edge of the world-

Those who live in or have visited Chester, Nova Scotia, know that it is one of our province’s treasures. Whether it’s a visit to the Seaside Shanty after a day on a boat, or visiting Chester Golf Club for a rousing 18 holes, Chester is a community full of culture and joy. Over the years I’ve come to be a (semi) semi-regular at Chester Golf Club, and it was a delight for me to be asked to do some new photos for the Club’s website.

Over the ‘course’ (ha, ha) of a few days, I gathered together photos of the greens, the staff, the restaurant, and anything else you can imagine. I’ll say it again- my job is rough!

One of my favorite views from the day.

We went out in a boat to get a difference perspective!

Sunset on the 18th green is always picture perfect.