It’s wedding season!

Yessssir. It’s wedding season. That time of year where brides are running around like headless chickens, trying to organize their bridesmaids dresses, flowers, catering, and yes… photography. I look forward to wedding season all year long… and we’re at the beginning of it right now. To help me get back in the wedding mood, I decided to post some of my favorite shots from weddings past.

Citadel Hill: Sarah & Andre
This is probably my favorite shot from a wedding, ever. As soon as I learned we were going to be at Citadel Hill, I had this shot in mind- and it worked 100%! I was so thrilled that the guard was in the right spot, the light was perfect, and the couple were so relaxed and in love- they just did their own thing and everything came together- click!

Brightwood Golf Course: Chelsea & Matt
I’ve golfed Brightwood many times- it’s a family favorite. Chelsea is an old friend of mine from college and I was delighted to take she and Matt outside for some ‘faux golf’ shots. We borrowed some guy’s putter who was practicing on the misty green and these two lovebirds made the best of her rookie putt!

Blomidon Inn: Margaret & Chris
As my mother says: “I love it when a plan comes together!” I had envisioned this shot all day as well- and it couldn’t have been more wonderful. During the family reception inside I grabbed the happy couple and took them outside for what may have been the only intimate and private moments they actually had together all day. A beautiful couple and a beautiful location.