Cyn & Dave (and excellent weather)

My friends Cyn & Dave are awesome. Cynthia and I used to work together, and then I met Dave when we all started playing softball (sometimes badly) together. They are a total riot and I love spending time with them! When they asked me to be a part of their wedding day I knew it was going to be  a blast. We jumped on trains, outran the rain, found double rainbows and had a lot of laughs. Here are a few of my many, many favorites from our day together.

The Home Alone face

Over the holidays my nephews watched “Home Alone” for the first time. It was really fun to experience it again through them, and they learned, and mastered the “Kevin-with-the-aftershave” photo. Have a look and see who does it better!

Out in Great Village

I knew Mike & Kaylee were going to be a treat as soon as we met last year. I had been looking forward to their wedding in Great Village for months! Turns out I was right (as usual- *wink*) and they were even lovelier than I could’ve wished for! Completely smitten with each other, relaxed and lots of smiles. I really enjoyed getting to know these two and the location of their wedding was a beauty as well, at Mike’s family floral nursery. They even did an amazing choreographed dance together to wow the crowd!

Loving the Landry’s

This summer I had one of the most fun days I’ve ever had at a wedding shoot. Erin & Rene were super fun to spend the day with- they were up for anything! We had a blast returning to their old high school (Horton) to muck around in the classrooms and play. I loved the creativity and joy coming from these two!

Spirit and joy!

I can easily say I have never experienced a wedding with so much love, spirit and joy. This was a FUN day to be a part of- despite it being the hottest day I’ve ever photographed!:)R & R were amazing and I’m proud to share these favorite pics!

Gaspereau Valley mist

Landscapes are undoubtedly my best work, and also my favorite thing to shoot. There’s nothing like being completely connected to your environment with no one else’s wishes but yours.

This shot of Gaspereau Valley was taken one morning when I was dropping my dog off at daycare- and I spotted the mist rising off the valley river. I just happened to have my camera with me and asked if I could borrow my friend’s deck- and voila, one of my favorite new shots was born.

Sandy Cove

I went out to this lighthouse half a dozen times in all different types of weather, attempting to get this shot. It’s foggy out there! Finally got it around 7 am on an early October morning. Terrance Bay, NS.


Reservoir Park

Going home in autumn is always a treat. This photo was taken at the reservoir park in Wolfville on an October afternoon. Yes, it is right way up.:)

Blomidon in Summer

When newcomers visit the Annapolis Valley, there’s only one spot that we locals take them to get a feel for the valley- up to the lookoff, or “Blomidon.” I’m up there all the time, as the view never gets old. Here are two of my favorites from the last day of Summer- early morning sunrise.

Family friends

This was a very special wedding- the brides parents, and my parents, stood for each other’s weddings many years ago. J is a peach and I loved being together with her family again- a lot of special memories!

The best anniversary

My friend Trish is a fabulous gal! She and her husband Corey decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary in style- with me! There was still so much love between them and it was an awesome way to spend a beach day. I hope someday to find the kind of relationship they have- the kind where you can throw each other around in the water!

Longtime friend

My friend L and I have known one another since we were five. We met on the bus home from school in New Minas and were playmates for a long time. Now she’s all grown up and married to a super guy with two adorable munchkins.

A baby on the way

My friend Laura and her hubby got together with me for some maternity photos… and because I’m super slow in posting things, the baby is already here! But here they are on Kingsport beach, a very special spot for them.

Mc… Churchills?

These crazy ladies are dear friends of mine. Every once in a while they get a fun idea for a nutty photoshoot and sometimes I get to tag along! This time we went to McDonalds were the girls confused the heck out of all the patrons with their fancy dinnerware and evening gowns.

A beautiful face

This little child is so precious! During our photoshoot she was very interested in these pink flowers and wanted to sniff them. She reminds us all that the little moments are most important! Check out that beautiful smile.

Up at Black Rock

One of my dearest friends and her husband came home for a visit and I went up for well, supper! They are all fantastic cooks and I never miss a chance to be at their table! But before that we wandered over to Black Rock beach and grabbed a few photos. Here is my friend E and her handsome hubby.

Little M

I’ve been photographing little M and her family since she was a baby. She’s not a baby anymore- climbing around the playground like she owns the place! A fun day at the Dingle park.

Bob Melanson

Bob is a family friend and we had some fun together doing some new photos for his website. Bob is a super talented and accomplished audio engineer with some impressive credits. Check out his website here.


Indian Harbour

Travel along the road to Peggy’s Cove a little further than expected and you will encounter a wonderful series of little inlets, restaurants and other magical sights. This was taken in Indian Harbour, just behind the Rhubarb Restaurant.


Cape Breton

So, I had never really “seen” Cape Breton before this summer. I had been to Sydney a few times, and along the way just thought… “Okay, maybe this is what everyone is talking about….?” (no offense, Sydney or surrounding area!) However this summer my bestie and I did a road trip together around the Cabot Trail, and I had my “ohhhh…. NOW I get it!” moment.

Here are some of my favorites. And trust me, there are many, many more. Every corner you turn on the Cabot Trail is usually a “oooh can we pull over for a photo?” moment.


Driving along this road in Judique for the first time.. I said to my friend “look at those cool clouds. You know what would be great to photograph with those cool clouds? A church.” And literally, five seconds later, there it was.

Some lavender by the sea.

A little tiny beach off Little River Road… nobody was there but us!!

Cape Smokey on the Cabot Trail

Keltic Lodge  – I fell in love with this place!!


Margaree River at first morning light

Lawrencetown Beach

This little gem is Lawrencetown beach, at sunset in July. We climbed to the top of a grassy hill to get a better view across the little town. This first shot has ended up being one of my most popular, and personal favorites. Lawrencetown looks different every season, and every time you visit.

Fun Fong wedding!

I have been looking forward to my friend Emily’s wedding all year. She and her awesome fiancee Stan are super fun and I knew it would be a day filled with love and creativity! I was not dissapointed! Emily and Stan made the majority of their decorations (including the beautiful silk corsages and bouquets) and did fun things like have a toss bouquet of scratch tickets rather than flowers. Amazing! I loved working with this happy couple!

Hanging out in the woods after the ceremony.

A little afternoon singing!

Love this one.
They were so in love and happy!
A little romance.
This was wonderfully creative Emily’s vision – I love the idea and may use it again!
I couldn’t resist stealing these two away for a sunset kiss.

Cameron Wedding

Oh yippee! It’s wedding season! My first of the year was with the AMAZING Jenn & Dave… these two had been together a long time, but it was so obvious that their love had only grown over the years. They were such a delight to work with, beautiful, pleasant, surrounded by family and friends who loved them- and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it!

Kicking out winter

One of my favorite families and dearest friends, the M family, came for a visit towards the end of winter to play in the snow. It was actually a beautiful sunny day, despite the snow, and we had some fun saying goodbye to winter in the best way possible- snowballs!


Jeff Hennessy

If you hang around Wolfville long enough, you’ll eventually run into Jeff Hennessy. Whether through the Acadia School of Music, or through his own life as a performer / songwriter, he’s a well-known musician. I recently spent some time with Jeff doing some new headshots for his recent tour. You can catch Jeff performing around Wolfville and Halifax in April.

A baby brown monkey!

In high school, my three best gals and I called ourselves the brown monkies. We thought it was pretty funny at the time- and we’ve remained close over the years and get especially excited about big life events in each other’s world. The arrival of this little sweetie marks the very first baby brown monkey! I hope she’s ready for the responsibility of living up to our fun adventures!



Movember 2013

My dear friend Kristy Taylor and I dreamed up a project last year to help raise awareness for Prostate Cancer. We invited Annapolis Valley women to don mustaches and show their support for men. This year, we did the project again. 35 women came together to raise $560 for Prostate Cancer Canada and we had a pretty fun day doing it. Check out our project here and please share!


Man’s best friend

This couple knew exactly the photo they wanted with their newly adopted pooch- just the three of them, with Morgan the dog peering over their shoulder.


More family fun

I’ve been super busy this season photographing families- many of whom I know, and others who I get to know during our time together. I love this part of my job, as the community I live in is so special and I’m coming to value it more every day. Here are some of the fantastic people I get to hang out with-

Beauties on the beach

My job is pretty easy sometimes. I get fantastic models and cute dogs.