Purcells Cove

I call this place ‘Kat’s Cove’, as it’s where we took my friend Kat on her last night in Nova Scotia. It kinda sums up the feel of the province for me- the rocks, the ocean, the sunset.

Halls Harbour Boats

Again back to Halls Harbour. Happened to be here at sunset with a family for a photoshoot and couldn’t resist stopping for some photos ‘just for me.’ I love the boats hanging out here at low tide- makes you wonder what would happen if they were tied just a little tighter!

Scots Bay Hay Bales

Driving around on the north mountain looking for great landscapes- came across this field in Scots Bay. Had a great chat with the farmer, I was afraid he wasn’t going to let me leave he was so pleased to have someone to talk to. But this shot was worth it.

Florida… is not Nova Scotia

I know my work is almost exclusively Nova Scotia and Newfoundland… but you won’t fault me a few trips to Florida now and then, will you?:)Here are a few favorite landscape shots from a trip a few years back. Can’t wait to get back to the sun this winter!