Sydney River Bridge

I was sent up to Sydney, NS for the first time last month for a corporate photoshoot. I was really excited about seeing Cape Breton! It was a lovely drive. My hotel was about two seconds from the Sydney River Bridge, where I caught this lovely sunset.

Golf at the edge of the world-

Those who live in or have visited Chester, Nova Scotia, know that it is one of our province’s treasures. Whether it’s a visit to the Seaside Shanty after a day on a boat, or visiting Chester Golf Club for a rousing 18 holes, Chester is a community full of culture and joy. Over the years I’ve come to be a (semi) semi-regular at Chester Golf Club, and it was a delight for me to be asked to do some new photos for the Club’s website.

Over the ‘course’ (ha, ha) of a few days, I gathered together photos of the greens, the staff, the restaurant, and anything else you can imagine. I’ll say it again- my job is rough!

One of my favorite views from the day.

We went out in a boat to get a difference perspective!

Sunset on the 18th green is always picture perfect.

The dark clouds and their perfect timing

After a wedding I did in June with some good friends, we ventured to the Dartmouth waterfront to catch some great photos. We had so much fun, as you can see- and just as we were walking back to the car to head to the reception, this huge, grey-blue, looming monster of a cloud started swirling in above the bridge. I’d never seen anything like it. I had to hold up the party for a minute to grab a photo of this beautiful sight. No sooner had Cyn’s feet got into the car and the skies opened up!!!

National Geographic- check!

An unbelievable life moment for me, when I learned that one of my best selling photos had been selected for use in a National Geographic article about Halifax. This has truly been a dream of mine through my entire career. You can view the article, and the photo, here.

Down South in Georgia

One of my favorite places to visit, on this trip to Georgia I got to visit Savannah, and the famous Wormsloe Plantation. Here is the famous row of ‘weepy trees’ that makes Georgia so famous.

Blomidon in Spring

My dad and I ventured up the north mountain to catch a different perspective of the Lookoff / Blomidon- this time from sunset. Dad is my favorite photo buddy and greatest teacher. I love this image and the time together it represents for me, and those who love the valley.


Got invited to an “Eagle Watch Brunch” today… and what a treat it was! Not only were some friends and I well fed, we got to watch these magnificent creatures up close- as they fed, swooped and played with each other. I was glad to have my telephoto lens however- I would not have wanted to be much closer to them!!

Prospect fishing village

Got up several mornings last fall to try and get out to Prospect to grab this shot. Once you hit that road to Peggy’s Cove, most mornings it’s a foggy mess! Was very pleased that this particular morning was so clear. It’s lovely and secluded out there- a beautiful community.

Newfoundland Landscapes

I spent a few days on the rock in October- my first time there. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of St. Johns and the friendliness of the people. I took hundreds of photos, but these are my favorites from the trip.

Quiddi Vidi Cove

The Narrows at dawn

Conception Bay

View from Signal Hill at dawn

and a few others:

Hubbards cove

When I get to photograph scenics, it’s just me and the earth, with no one to approve of the photos- only my own vision and connection to the beauty of the world. It’s where I find peace. This sunset shot was taken at Hubbards, at a place called Rosewood on the Cove.

Crystal Crescent- after many attempts

I’ve been going to Crystal Crescent beach for years, for family outings, portrait shoots, etc. Every time I go, I attempt to get the ‘right’ shot of the beautiful landscape. Anyone who has been to CC beach knows that on the right day, the conditions are almost tropical- green blue water, white sand. Oddly, with these conditions, it’s not been a easy place to get a good landscape photo. This is my most recent attempt and it’s very close to the vision of the beach I have in my mind.

Five Islands

Last weekend, we went camping at Five Islands Provincial Park. I’m not much of a camper, but I shocked myself and really enjoyed the experience, and am really looking forward to going again. One of the perks I discovered is that camping = great landscape photography! Here’s a few.

St. Mary’s Boat Club Sunset

Ahhh I loves me a good sunset.  I photographed an awesome wedding last weekend at St. Mary’s Boat Club in Halifax and snapped this lovely sunset off the dock that evening. I think I’d like to live in that building someday- a constant view of the harbour and the boats sounds good to me.

St. Croix Mill

I spotted this mill while driving the old Number One highway, trying to avoid construction on the 101. It’s associated with the Minas Pulp & Power plant, and I immediately wished I had my camera. The next time through, I was sure to stop and climb around- there are some restricted areas so you have to be careful- but anything in the name of art!

Purcells Cove

I call this place ‘Kat’s Cove’, as it’s where we took my friend Kat on her last night in Nova Scotia. It kinda sums up the feel of the province for me- the rocks, the ocean, the sunset.

Halls Harbour Boats

Again back to Halls Harbour. Happened to be here at sunset with a family for a photoshoot and couldn’t resist stopping for some photos ‘just for me.’ I love the boats hanging out here at low tide- makes you wonder what would happen if they were tied just a little tighter!

Scots Bay Hay Bales

Driving around on the north mountain looking for great landscapes- came across this field in Scots Bay. Had a great chat with the farmer, I was afraid he wasn’t going to let me leave he was so pleased to have someone to talk to. But this shot was worth it.

Haunted by the emptiness

I’ve developed an obsession lately with the old derelict KCA building. My dad was a teacher there in the 80s, and I have a lot of memories of visiting a vibrant, busy building filled with noise and learning and energy. At one time, it must have been a very grand old place- the centre of the community, celebrated for it’s vision, and you can feel the sense of power from its spot on the hill. Now, it sits abandoned- lonely, with memories of moments learned and hearts broken floating in between empty walls. I’ve become fixated on abandoned schools as a photo project. Here is the old ‘Kentville Schools’ as we used to call it, waiting for someone to come and restore her to her former glory of use.