My favorite family, ever

I know I say that a lot about the families I get to work with- but this one is true, because it’s mine!

My dad (who is also a photog) and I teamed up on Thanksgiving morning to take some photos of our selves, together. Here are a few of my favorites that I took of my family.

It’s all about the dog

Being a dog person, I can relate to a couple who feels their furry companion is their friend and child! I had a great time up in Harmony with Brittany, Richard and their pooch Zelda!

All smiles

I met up with Ben, (who I went to school with) his wife, and their little smiley, giggly girl at Prescott House one fall afternoon. We had a great time and Little A was such a fantastic model- always smiling or jumping or posing!

Tree hangin’

This was the second photoshoot I’d done with the L family- and the second time was just as fun as the first! The kids were up for anything, including climbing trees and smiling the whole time. Can’t wait to see them again!

Grandkids are the best!

Two grandparents, four parents, and four grandkids at Uniacke Park equals a fantastic day playing in the sun! Although it did take some jumping up and down and silly noises, we did manage to get a shot where all four grandkids looked at the camera- and smiled!


Baby T

Some friends of mine had a beautiful baby girl a while back- and it reinforced my love of newborn photography. They’re just so easy, sleepy and snuggly- and Baby T was no exception!

Trash the Family- Taylor

You’ve heard of Trash the Dress? Well, how about Trash the Family? My dear and creative friend Kristy came up with the great idea to take some family photos at the beach- but really, IN the beach. The kids were given the green light to get as messy as possible, and that included getting mom and dad muddy, too! I loved this idea and had SO much fun! The kids were relaxed and just being themselves- it was a great break from ‘posing’!

CLick the flash slideshow below to see a bunch of hilarious photos!

Old friends on the south shore

One of the things I love about my job is when a dear friend from days past invites me to reconnect with them and be a part of their wedding day. I love getting to know people all over again- especially when they are as fun and beautiful as Michelle and her wonderful family. Here’s a few faves from our afternoon together in Western Shore.

Family has many meanings

Christina and her family are ‘cousins’ of mine. Although we’re not actually related by blood. Our families grew up together in India, and we share a history together that is very special. It was an absolute honour to be present for her amazing day – and to meet her partner Lisa, who was just as amazing!

Home of my heart

Those who know me well, know that Newfoundland is the home of my ‘heart.’ Whereas Nova Scotia is where I reside. Every chance I get, I hop aboard a plane to St. Johns to visit three of my best friends in the world. Here are some landscapes from a recent visit.


Catching up with an old friend

One of the great things about social media is its ability to reconnect us with people we would otherwise never hear from. This was especially true in the case of my friend Amanda, who was a dear playmate when we were children. She moved away just before middle school, to some far away sounding place in the US- and I never spoke to her again. Until facebook! Thanks to the online world, we recently reconnected, and she invited me to join her to do some bridal portraits on a recent visit back to the valley.

Miners Marsh with the D’s

It’s a good day when it’s sunny, blue skies, birds are chirping- the kids are smiling- and they’re a family you LOVE. The D Family, who is an extension of my own family, and I visited Miners Marsh in Kentville for some nature scouting.

Three models in the making

A new friend asked me to do a photoshoot with her three beautiful daughters at their dance studio tonight. I absolutely love a new venue and new models- especially three as gorgeous and sweet as these! And let me tell you these girls can do all kinds of fun acrobatic dance-y type stuff! Lots of talent in this family. Here’s my faves

from the evening.

My new little buddy

One of my best friends recently gave birth to her second beautiful son. Here’s my favorite photo from the afternoon- the three boys together.

Family ties

Met up with the H family for a shoot at the park at Scotian Gold. Despite living here for my entire life, I’d never actually shot there. It proved to be a perfect little spot for running around with kids- and there were a bunch of them in this group! Turns out the H family and I have lots of connections. They were lovely and I hope to see them again!

Erin Costelo

Erin Costelo is an unmistakable talent, and one of the hottest things in jazz / blues / soul singing. I met Erin during a photoshoot for Occasions Magazine and not only is she talented, she’s humble and kind. We had a blast getting creative together at the Chickenburger and True North Diner. Check out her music at, and view the photo that was chosen by the magazine in April’s issue of Occasions.

University Hall

This year, for some reason, I had a lot of people asking if I had any photos of Acadia. I have lots of photos taken AT Acadia- in Denton Hall, at the Irving Centre, etc- but I made it my mission this year to collect at least one good one of the campus. This was a perfect winter snowy day, looking at the back of U-Hall- the less seen side.

Winter Blomidon

A few years back, my friend KT hired me to photograph Blomidon- but at sunrise, and in all four seasons. Here is the final installment, winter.

One of my besties, her bump and her boy

When you get to photograph someone you care about, it’s a really special experience. This is always the case with TK, who has been one of my oldest and closest friends for 20 years. Here she is in her pregnancy glory, almost ready to pop- and taking some time to read a special book to her first boy.

Tors Cove, Newfoundland

This is on a beautiful perfect July afternoon at Tors Cove, which is a good drive outside St. Johns. On the opposite side of this view, there is a little island with sheep roaming around. It’s kind of charming out there.

Cookies for Santa

One of my regular clients, the B family, had the idea that this year we would do some photos with cookies for Santa. Amongst the other cute moments, this one is my favorite from the day.

Amanda and Tyler

It’s always a delight when a beautiful, sweet couple invites me to be a part of their wedding day. Amanda and Tyler called and wanted to meet up for some engagement photos, as a warm up for their wedding next year. We spent a very COLD morning together out at Scots Bay- but they proved they were up for anything! Can’t wait for next fall.

He’s already here!

By the time I’ve gotten around to sharing these pics, baby T has already arrived in the world! Stay tuned for his newborn photos to come next week. This is a lovely couple whose wedding I photographed last year and I was so pleased they invited me around for a few maternity pics.

When the rain finally stopped

My longtime friend Angela and her lovely family came up to Wolfville for a visit. We headed for the Irving Centre and were immediately met with rain! We discussed stopping early, what to do, etc- and then all of a sudden the most beautiful perfect, clear, sun came out! Her sweet girls were such a delight to photograph!

At the farm

This is one of my favorite families, and I’m so enjoying getting to know their sweet girls as they grow up. The H family wanted to do a shoot at the home of a family friend- who happened to have a large, beautiful farm with tonnes of places for photos! Everyone was happy and cooperative and we had a great morning together.

Sydney River Bridge

I was sent up to Sydney, NS for the first time last month for a corporate photoshoot. I was really excited about seeing Cape Breton! It was a lovely drive. My hotel was about two seconds from the Sydney River Bridge, where I caught this lovely sunset.

Tinka and Puddles

I say it every day, but I love my job. And this photo shoot is a perfect example of why.

Tinka is a rescue dog. She was found abandoned and abused in Louisiana, where an organization called Puppy Love scooped her up and brought her back up to Maine. My friend Tanya, her husband Derek, and their dog Puddles, discussed the situation and made the decision to make Tinka a part of their family. So they drove to the states to rescue this scared, lonely little babe. As soon as they met, Tinka snuggled into Tanya’s arms and they have been a happy family ever since. Tinka just celebrated her first birthday with her new fam and I was invited to capture the festivities.

The Crouses and a really hot, thundery day

Laura and Brian are one of those really cute couples who you just know are going to actually make it last in this crazy world. They have such a tender, fun, and respectful play between them- that it’s a joy to be around them and watch them interact. I knew their wedding day would be amazing! Despite what was probably the hottest day of the summer inside the sweltering Acadia Chapel, this lovely couple exchanged vows and we moved along to do our photos in between the raindrops at the Irving Centre – followed shortly by one of the wildest, loudest thunderstorms I’ve ever witnessed!!

If crazy weather is an indicator for a good marriage, this couple had it all that day- and I know they will make the most of their wild ride!!

Golf at the edge of the world-

Those who live in or have visited Chester, Nova Scotia, know that it is one of our province’s treasures. Whether it’s a visit to the Seaside Shanty after a day on a boat, or visiting Chester Golf Club for a rousing 18 holes, Chester is a community full of culture and joy. Over the years I’ve come to be a (semi) semi-regular at Chester Golf Club, and it was a delight for me to be asked to do some new photos for the Club’s website.

Over the ‘course’ (ha, ha) of a few days, I gathered together photos of the greens, the staff, the restaurant, and anything else you can imagine. I’ll say it again- my job is rough!

One of my favorite views from the day.

We went out in a boat to get a difference perspective!

Sunset on the 18th green is always picture perfect.

Carters Beach

Discovered this little gem in June on a road trip with my friend. The sand is almost white, it’s hot, and the beach was completely empty. This is Carter’s Beach, down near Port Mouton in Nova Scotia.